What Remedies Or Medications Can You Take To Prevent Nose Bleeding?

Nose bleeding can be frightening, but the incident is a quite common one. In most of the cases, nose bleeding can be easily handled at home. However, in some situation, visiting a medical center, like the medical center South Plainfield may be necessary.

Nose bleeding is divided into two types –  one that happens in the anterior part of the nose and another that may occur from the posterior part of the nose.

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Home Treatment for Nosebleeds

A small amount of nose bleeding stops automatically. In some situations, while blowing nose forcefully, or due to nose picking, nose bleeding may occur, which stops when such action is withdrawn. To stop nose bleeding immediately doctors advise the following procedures –

  • Leaning forward a little with the head tilted forward will make the system calm and resting. Nose bleeding of general type will stop immediately. There may be some remaining blood in the mouth, which is to be spit out.
  • Pinching the soft part of the nose together with the help of the index finger and thumb can stop nose bleeding within a few minutes. While doing this action, breathing is to be performed through mouth.
  • Applying ice pack on the nose and cheeks prevent nose bleeding, if it is happening due to any minor injury.

Nose Bleeding - Astra Health Center

Doctors is any popular medical center, like the medical center Piscataway Township sometimes advise to use some specific nasal sprays composed of Oxymetazoline, Phenylephrine Hydrochloride, or Phenylephrine-DM-Guaifenesin etc.

Doctors also advise to not blow nose vigorously, and keep the mouth open while sneezing so that the whole pressure does not fall on the nose alone. If an individual has a history of high BP or cardiovascular issues, then it is feasible to consult a doctor for getting proper diagnosis and treatment for nose bleeding.