7 Early Signs of Decreased Liver Function

For a healthy body, you actually need A healthy liver that is functioning properly. The main function of livers is to break down nutrients present in the food that you eat and aid them in digestion. If you Recognizing these early symptoms of liver damage is vital to catching a problem early and treating it properly.

Few early signs of liver improper functioning include the following:-

kidny skin-discoloratio

  • Presence of Skin Discoloration

Jaundice usually occurs in people who are dealing with the issue of liver problems due to the presence of high-level yellow color pigment which is known as bilirubin present in the blood. This pigment usually flows through the liver, after that it moves through the digestive tract and then it is eliminated. In the case when the yellowish pigment is not removed, it starts circulating throughout the body and is even a sign of some type of liver disease.

Kidny itching-skin-prob-opt

  • Increase your Skin Sensitivity

In case your skin started experiencing itching and oversensitive to touch, then it might be a sign of any liver related problem. Till the time you will not diagnose the root cause of it addressed, this issue will only worsen over time

Kidny Acid Reflux

  • Suffering from the issue of Acid Reflux

One of the early signs of a liver disorder is related to the issue of indigestion and acid reflux, which can lead you to further issues like Vomiting, pain, etc. In case if you are constantly experiencing indigestion and vomiting frequently then you should immediately see a doctor of Urgent Care Bloomfield for expert advice and treatment.

Kidny Changes in the Abdominal Area

  • Experiencing Changes in the Abdominal Area

Are you experiencing any sort of Pain or cramping in the lower part of the abdominal then it may be an indication of any liver disorder? It will lead you to a condition, that is known as ascites which can develop. This condition is a result of fluid that is collected in the abdomen that can lead to pressure being exerted on the lungs, causing difficulty while breathing.

  • Colour change in Urine or Stool

When the liver starts damaging, then the color of urine changes to a darker yellow color. In some cases, the color of urine may also become bloody or dark brown. You might be aware of the fact that Dark yellow urine is also a symptom of dehydration.

kidny Fatigue

  • Fatigue

If you are suffering from a gassy sensation which is accompanied by stool pressure is an indication that the liver is not able to secrete digestive juices the way it should. These juices are required for breaking down of food, and that might be harmful to the digestive system as well. Check in with a health care professional if you are experiencing this symptom.

kidny Loss-of-Appetite-In-Teens

  • Reducing Appetite

Liver damage that remains untreated for a long time can lead you to many severe liver problems. Major changes in your regular appetite can result in instant weight loss which might be a sign of liver disease and it should be taken seriously.


If you are dealing with any of the above issues then you should immediately see a doctor or in case, if you have any kind of query then feel free to contact the expert of Urgent Care Bound Brook for instant help


Testing of DOT Drug is the Fact of Commercial Employers

DOT Drug Test - Astra Health CenterSafety of more than 20 people in your hands means something. An employer of safety sensitive transportation should know that he is responsible for drug testing your employees truly. You must make sure your employee to implement DOT workplace drug and alcohol programs with provisions for clear policies, training and education, drug testing, and referral for assessment and treatment.

Reasons For Drug Screening

  • Pre-Employment
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Return To Duty
  • Random
  • Post Accident
  • Follow-up

The purpose of testing is not to knock out someone, but to build a safe environment and encourage a drug free workplace for the presence of safety.

Are you clear about the word “testing”? Let’s clear that point!

Basically testing is done in two ways. The most popular one for the private sector is the instant test. No painful test is done. To get this test completed, a person needs to give his urine sample. This test is done by the majority of companies and they use the 5 panel instant drug test, which include:

1. Marijuana

2. Cocaine

3. Amphetamines

4. Opiates, (Codeine, Heroin, morphine)

5. PCP ( Phencyclidine )

This test doesn’t take too much time as it takes maximum 5 minutes to give the results. But if there is a need of further testing then it may take up to 72 hours to give the results.

If you found this information useful and want to know more about the drug testing, surely visit Astra Helath Center, which is known for Dot Drug Testing in Franklin Township. You will not only get the test reports, but you can also get an effective treatment for further improvement.

Emergency Room Hospital – The Right Help at the Right Time

Emergency RoomThe well said fact- “life is completely unpredictable” has two meanings…

Either it can make so much fun in life or it can take away all the fun from life!!

We know the meaning of fun in life, but what makes the sense of a word “Unpredictable”? Can it be a case of life of little emergencies?

Oh my god!! Life of Emergencies, means somewhat a situation of critical health!

We can’t take a chance of our life! Right?

Absolutely not! Because Astra Health, Emergency Room Hospital in Bayonne will not let you to take a chance with your life. The medical staff is too much expert in their field that they will easily recognize a medical concern. The atmosphere is too friendly that you will realize yourself as a family member to get the treatment.

Astra Health Care Services

  • Provides high quality care to every patient
  • 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24*7 open
  • Treats almost all types of health issues
  • Immediate care and personal attention
  • No need of appointment in case of emergency
  • Accepts insurance plans

Additional Services Included

At Astra Health Center, we also provide annual exodus physicals for children and adults, and students can come here for sports physicals to play on their athletic teams. We additionally have walk-in services and can help you with occupational medicine and travel medicine urgency. Moreover, our center is also equipped with x-ray machines, a laboratory for blood tests, and ultrasound for diagnostic purposes.

We never say NO! You are always welcome for the right help at the right time!!

How an Urgent Care Clinic Tackles Severe Emergencies?

Urgent Care Astra Health Center (4)Urgent Care Clinics can help save lives and is a good place for any sort of emergency situation. No one knows, when an emergency can happen and hospital emergency rooms are too much crowded to handle. The medical services of urgent care clinic are fully equipped and staffed to deal with any emergency brought their way. One should be already prepared by knowing how an urgent care clinic tackles severe emergencies. Below mentioned are some factors of urgent care that prove them to be most tackling in case of emergency:

  • 24 hrs availability on weekdays and opened on weekends
  • Accept most major Insurances
  • Have qualified and experienced providers (Specialists, Physicians, Nurses and other Medical Staff)
  • All ages are welcome and provided with effective treatment
  • No appointment is necessary

What Services They Do Provide?

Services Offered:

  • Serious, Non-Life Threatening Situations
  • Treatment for Sprains
  • Cold and Cough
  • Bronchitis
  • Ear Infections
  • Fractured Bones
  • Burns
  • Wounds
  • Nausea
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Rashes
  • Dizziness
  • Urinary Infections
  • Abdominal Pain

 Here, latest medical equipments are used such as; CT or Cat Scans, X-ray machines and Ultrasound devices. Doctors are too much specialized that they make quick analysis by doing lab tests to determine the proper treatment for patients. Not only doctors, but also our qualified attending physicians give the prescriptions to the patients if required.

At last, the best suggestion you must agree is to stop wasting time in hospitals full of sick people, and come for the treatment at Urgent Care in Berkeley Heights where you can strongly gain all the needing medical attention.

Favouring of Urgent Care Facilities in North Arlington

North Arlington is witnessing an increase in Urgent Care facility center opening. Many such clinics have opened up in neighbourhood to provide walk-in-medical assistance to patients. With trained and qualified doctors these medical support centers are providing treatment for non-life-threatening, minor injuries to acute problems.

These are open on weekdays and a number of them are also available on weekends too. They accept all sorts of insurance and patients without having to wait for long hours get prompt treatment. And there are no restrictions on the kind of patients being treated. People from all ages with minor injuries to acute medical problems will get medical assistance of best quality.

The favouring of Urgent Care Facilities in North Arlington is primarily due to the fact that the doctors and medical staff deal with patients with kindness, warmth and compassion. One can expect to get efficient and timely medical help from trained doctors who are dedicated and efficient medical professionals.

Urgent Care Clinic

Walk-in- clinics are ideal for emergency cases as well with minor accidents. Patients in need of physical therapy to overall wellness and occupational medicines can also come to urgent care units. All the centres run as per medical standards set by the government agencies and run very skilfully with the code expecting them to be respectful to each patient.

When you come to Arlington or are living in this location visit the Arlington Urgent Care Unit which is just few minutes from main railway station. The doctors there are highly skilled and are known to handle each case successfully. It is the place to go in case in need of medical intervention.

Tips To Find Best Urgent Care Center In New Jersey

In today’s date urgent care centers are rapidly gaining popularity in health care industry. Urgent care has proved to be more convenient and appropriate for those who are unable to get appointment with the doctor in the hospital. If someone gets injured and needs medical attention, then they must visit nearest emergency room doctor as soon as possible. Hence, every urgent care center provides treatment for burn, cold, fever, throat pain, sprains, etc. Here are some important tips that will help you to find reliable urgent care centers:
•    If you are looking for a trusted urgent care clinic, then you can browse the internet. While searching online you will find numerous clinics offering several kind of health treatment services.
•    After that you can go through the websites where you can read customer reviews and experiences with that hospital.
•    Visiting yellow page directory is also a good choice.
•    Online discussion forums help you in providing useful information regarding the urgent care center.

nearest emergency room doctorAstra Health Center always provides proper care and treatment to illness and minor injuries. In Urgent Care Center Near Me, one will find experienced physicians and well trained staffs to treat every patient with special care.

Nearest Emergency Room And Urgent Care Center In NJ

In 1970s the urgent care centers were founded and it has developed a lot with proper care and facilities. Now, they’re a place where you can go for your minor emergencies for a flat fee and be treated immediately. In some case they are comparable to an emergency room only and they have much faster services because the services they provide are for quick and minor problems. In these health care centers, you can usually get things like care for minor injuries, X-rays, fever, cough, cold and stitches that aren’t life threatening yet require immediate medical care and attention. Astra Health Center offer fully experienced staffs and skilled professional doctors in urgent care near me services.

nearest emergency room doctor

The purpose of Astra Health Center is to treat every patient fairly and as quickly as possible. We provide professional physicians for breathing and various illnesses such as strep throat and respiratory infections. Our health center is certified to provide all medical treatment. In our health center you can get proper medication for the pain by coming in and seeing a chiropractor and they will help you in stretches and icing. The treatment and medical services provided in nearest emergency room doctor offered by Astra Health Center will definitely meet your goals and you will be fully satisfactory by our services.

Flu Shot In NJ

Now it’s time to get vaccinated yourself and may be the first time almost everyone is being urged to get vaccinated. The flu infections peaked faster than the vaccine could be produced.  This is respiratory infection whose symptoms are body tiredness, fever, sore throat and aches. The symptoms usually appear quite suddenly and characterized by high fever. Even some health centers provide new high dose flu shot for a person 65 and older which is going to be recorded to see if it actually produces less illness. Most people will need just one shot in a year and children under 9 should also get one, if they are getting it for the first time. Astra Health Center offer natural and quality Flu Shot In Kearny that can keep your immune system healthy and avoid you from illness.

Flu Shot Jersey City

Before the flu season starts get vaccinated yourself in Astra health Center. We provide professional physicians and well trained staffs to offer all kinds of flu shots. Our health center is certified by CDC and remains open 24/7 to help people in emergency. Astra Health Center provides allergic free and effective Flu Shot In Jersey City.  Only normal healthy people between the ages of 5 and 60 can get this flu shot but this shot is not advisable for pregnant women and children under the age of 5.

Find Best Services Of Dot Physical And Dot Drug Test In NJ

In United States health and human services estimates that at least 10 percent or more users of amphetamines and cocaine have been identified. Semi truck accident lawyers have concerned about drug use in commercial truck drivers for some time. When the trucker fall asleep when the methamphetamines begin to wear off the normal symptoms of sleepiness set in like tiredness, fatigue and drowsiness. A truck driver who uses these drugs puts not only him in danger also other motorists at huge risks of serious accidents. The overseeing and regulation of medical review officers involved in these drug tests will also participate with in the rule making. Hence the department of transportation declared to conduct this physical test in every health center. If someone fails to pass this test then he/she are not able to keep CDL. Astra Health Center offer Dot Physical In Newark and gave a special license to every operating motor vehicle drivers which acts as CDL.

Dot Drug Test NewarkAstra Health Center always provides high quality and confidential medical services. Our professionals direct special program for drug testing. The equipments offered by Astra Health Center for Dot Drug Test in Newark are quite easy to use and highly portable.

Reasons To Visit Nearest Urgent Care Clinic!

When your child is crying in pain, it can be hard to decide whether to rush towards emergency room or head to an urgent care clinic or to make an appointment with your primary care physician. When you receive an injury for immediate attention it may not be the first place that pops up into your mind but it is necessary to visit these centers. Most healthcares needs primary care physicians and often it will be the best choice. Not only do they have a personal relationship with your family, but they know all medical history of your family, including recent illnesses, vaccinations and allergies. Though the purpose of urgent care center is not to handle patients in serious or critical condition but it does rarely. In such conditions, these health centers are equipped to stabilize patient until an ambulance arrives. Urgent Care Clinic in Morristown provides licensed physicians and staff at all times, lab testing, x-ray equipment and pharmacies on-site to hasten your visit.

urgent care near meIn Morristown, Astra Health Center provides proper treatment for every injuries and illness. We offer professional physicians and skilled staffs to treat every patient with proper care. Astra Health Center offer affordable urgent care near me facilities that are great alternative to emergency rooms.