First Aid Tips you should know in case of a Road-Traffic Accident

First Aid for Road Accidents

According to the last survey of 2013, it was found that alone more than 1,37,0000 people were died because of road traffic accidents in India. All these incidents tale place due to lack of proper roads, reckless driving and the apathy of pedestrians can partly be blamed for this huge number, a large collection  of these deaths can be part to the fact that most accident victims who undergo any kind of road accident do not get proper medical attention and first aid t right time. So, do you have any idea what to do if you or someone else was in an accident? Just don’t worry and follow these points. And if in case the accident is severe then you should immediately see the Urgent Care Near Me.

  1. Firstly Check yourself: If in case you have been injured in the accident, just initially check yourself nicely for any kind of injuries. After that just try to out how well you can move your limbs, and if you might experience symptoms such as dizziness etc. Then just Remember you need to get fit enough to help the others.
  2. Secondly just check the other person for injuries: If another person who is with you is injured then, first see the extent of his/ her injuries. For e.g. In case he is bleeding from the head, neck, arms legs, abdomen back etc. Just go through a quick analysis of the situation and figure out which victim needs the most help
  3. Check for the signs of breathing: Just immediately after that, check if the person is breathing and if he has a pulse.


  4. Immediately call for help: you should urgently look for an ambulance or take the person straight away to a hospital. Once you are properly aware of the patient’s condition you can get into a better position to tell the doctors about his/her condition.
  5. You should look for any kind of obstructions in the suffer mouth and throat: If you are unable to hear any breathing sounds, then immediately check his/her mouth for any kind of obstructions. If there is anything that is creating an obstruction in the airway, use your middle and index finger in order to clear the airway.


  6. Go for life-saving techniques: In case you found no pulse, then immediately start giving CPR. While CPR tries to keep the person’s neck in a straight position to start EAR (External Air Resuscitation) or CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). There are 3 types of EAR; Mouth-to-Nose, Mouth-to-mouth, Mouth-to-Mask.


  7. Lay down the patient in recovery position: If there is any traces / of bleeding from the mouth of the patient or he is vomiting, in that case just turn the person to his/her side. This will reduce the chances of the person choking. Immediately place the person’s arm that is under him straight out and the arm closest to you across his chest.
  8. Treat and clean all the open wounds: If there are big wounds, Firstly you should try to stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure to the area with the help of a cloth. Press down that area with your palms rather than doing with your fingertips.
  9. Try to Keep the person warm: The person who undergoes any sort of accident
    usually feel extreme cold due to shock. Therefore it is mandatory to keep them warm is essential for survival.
  10. Stop feeding the person: During that situation remember not to give the person any food, water, or other fluids through the mouth, it could lead the patient to any sort of choking situation.

While implementing these tips if you face any sort of problems then immediate contact the experts of Urgent Care Clinic Belleville for an instant solution.


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