5 Major Causes of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a type of infection in one or both the lungs. It is a kind of irritation in your lungs air sacs or you can say alveoli which later fills with a fluid or pus which further leads to breathing difficulties issues. For more info and inquiry you can also concern with our specialized doctors of Urgent Care Clinic BELLEVILLE. The symptoms can range from minor to major life threatening issues.

Pneumonia severity usually depend on the following factors:-
• First diagnose the cause of irritation in the lungs.
• Cause of infection in your lungs.
• Infection type and level of severity.
• Age factor.
• General health issues.

How one can get pneumonia?
• It mainly occur when your breathe get infected with dust particles or harmful chemical particles into your lungs.
• While breathing from your nose and throat during sleep some bacteria enters into your lungs.
• When a viral takes place the infection in the upper respiratory, such as cold or flu can results in Pneumonia.
• Sever viral illness, such as chickenpox or measles can lead to the cause of Pneumonia.
• Breathing a large amounts of food, gastric juices from the stomach or when vomit enters into the lungs.

The common symptoms of bacterial pneumonia which an develop quickly and may include:
• Pain in the chest.
• shaking chills
• Temperature (fever)
• Presence of dry cough.
• wheezing
• Pain in muscles.
• nausea
• Feeling of vomiting
• Fast breathing issues.
• Fast heartbeat.
• Difficulties while breathing

Some symptoms may indicate a medical emergency. You should seek immediate medical attention if you have any of these symptoms:
• A bluish tone on the skin (due to lack of oxygen)
• blood in sputum (coughed-up mucus)
• Forcefully breathing
• High Temperature (102.5°F or higher)
• Fast heartbeat.


Some different kind of germs can lead to the cause of pneumonia. There are five major causes of pneumonia are:-
• Bacteria
• Viruses
• Mycoplasmas
• Other infectious agents, such as fungi or other parasites.
• Various chemicals.

You should call your doctor if you have any concerns and queries. And in case if you have severe pneumonia which is a medical emergency than you can even go through urgent care services Middlesex.


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