Diseases and Condition Can Cause Elbow Pain! Know How are They Treated?

We all know that “pain” is so distressing that we can’t afford doing our daily activities. And if you have pain in the joints, then it becomes more frustrating. One such pain we are going to discuss here is elbow pain. Let us see what are the causes and its treatment.

Elbow Pain

What is Elbow Pain?

The elbow is a complex joint and helps in various movements of the arms. In some cases the pain may or may not be serious. There are various reasons for elbow pain, the caused may be either by overuse of elbow, for example we require repetitive wrist, hand or arm movement or pain may be  due to tendinitis that affect the inner and outer elbow. Another reason is arthritis and bursitis. The best treatment for arthritis ever you can experience is Urgent Care Warren NJ.

The Conditions and Diseases that Cause Elbow Pain:

  1. Arthritis of the Elbow: Inflammation of the elbow joint, occurs due to arthritis for example, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, and psoriatic arthritis. The signs include are warmth, heat, swelling, tenderness and pain.
  2. Cellulitis: Inflammation of the skin, that is related to infection is caused due to abrasions of the skin. If you have a puncture wound, then bacteria on the skin is likely to occur and goes deep in skin layer and cause inflamed skin by redness, swelling and warmth. The most common bacteria that cause cellulitis are staphylococcus and streptococcus.
  3. Infected Elbow Joints: This problem is uncommon and mostly seen in patients having diabetes, intake of cortisone medicines or intravenous drug abusers. It causes redness, pain, heat and swelling. It also causes fever and sweat. The treatment given is antibiotic treatment and sometimes surgery.
  4. Osteochondritis Dissecans: It is an uncommon disease of cartilage in the joint, where the cartilage peel away from the bone. This results in pain, locking, and loss of range of motion of the elbow. The best way to diagnose is a CT scan or MRI The arthroscopic surgical repair and removal of unhealthy cartilage is the treatment. Urgent Care Near Me, is one of the best place for treatment of elbow pain.

Elbow Pain - Astrahealth Center New Jersey


The treatment usually depends on the cause of the pain. Treatments for inflammation includes, anti-inflammatory medications, cold application and  immobilization. Treatments for fracture include surgical repair and casting. Treatments for infection include antibiotics and drainage.

I am sure that the above given information will be very helpful, but still if you are looking for more information, then, Astrahealth Center is one of the best to opt.


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