Suffering from Asthma? Don’t worry – Urgent Care Near Me

Health is more important than any other thing. So, it is very important to maintain yourself and stay healthy. Due to our carelessness, many serious diseases attack on us. One of them is Asthma. It is a chronic lung disease that narrows the airways. It causes repeated wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. The cough usually occurs early in the morning and at night. It affects all age group people and starts mostly in childhood.

Tips to keep your Asthma under control:

Urgent Care Dunellen

Self care: You need to take care of yourself to stay fit and healthy, longer quality life and do as advised by the doctor. Avoid eating food that harms you, protect yourself from cold, dust and smoke.

Take your medicines: Take medicines as prescribed by the doctor even if you feel better. This is also applicable to your children.

Regular reviews: This is a long term disease and you need to be in touch with your doctor regularly to help you out, whenever required.

Stop smoking: Smoking reduces the effectiveness of medicines and even asthma will not be in control. So, stop smoking to reduce the severity and frequency of the symptoms.

Vaccination: Asthma person may get infected with flu easily. So, you need a pneumococcal vaccination to protect from chest infection.

Types of asthma:

There are two types of asthma – allergic and non allergic.

Allergic asthma is caused due to exposure to an allergen like dust, smoke or pet dander.

Non allergic asthma is due to stress, exercise, cold or flu, medications or irritants in  the air.


Sometimes the symptoms are mild and go away on their own after a treatment, but sometimes it gets worse and the attack is so severe that you need emergency care nearby. Urgent Care in Dunellen is a place, where the treatment facility with the latest technology, therapies and best of the best doctors are available. If asthma is left unmanaged or misdiagnosed, it may  be a cause of death.

Urgent Care Clinic Metuchen

The detailed knowledge of asthma helps you to handle the situation and teaches you to take care yourself to prevent the attack to live normal and active life with sound sleep. Urgent Care Clinic in Metuchen is the best centre to take care of you.

Are you looking for good centres for treatment?  I prefer Astra health Center, one of the best ever I have been. Prevention is better than cure!!


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