Emergency Room Hospital – The Right Help at the Right Time

Emergency RoomThe well said fact- “life is completely unpredictable” has two meanings…

Either it can make so much fun in life or it can take away all the fun from life!!

We know the meaning of fun in life, but what makes the sense of a word “Unpredictable”? Can it be a case of life of little emergencies?

Oh my god!! Life of Emergencies, means somewhat a situation of critical health!

We can’t take a chance of our life! Right?

Absolutely not! Because Astra Health, Emergency Room Hospital in Bayonne will not let you to take a chance with your life. The medical staff is too much expert in their field that they will easily recognize a medical concern. The atmosphere is too friendly that you will realize yourself as a family member to get the treatment.

Astra Health Care Services

  • Provides high quality care to every patient
  • 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24*7 open
  • Treats almost all types of health issues
  • Immediate care and personal attention
  • No need of appointment in case of emergency
  • Accepts insurance plans

Additional Services Included

At Astra Health Center, we also provide annual exodus physicals for children and adults, and students can come here for sports physicals to play on their athletic teams. We additionally have walk-in services and can help you with occupational medicine and travel medicine urgency. Moreover, our center is also equipped with x-ray machines, a laboratory for blood tests, and ultrasound for diagnostic purposes.

We never say NO! You are always welcome for the right help at the right time!!


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