What Facilities should be in Urgent Care Center?

There are instances when one meets with a minor accident on road or at home. These injuries might not be so serious but require immediate care. In such cases patient can walk-in Urgent Care Centers that help in treating injuries or illnesses that need quick care.

The cases handled by Urgent Care Center might be different from Emergency care units. Urgent Care in Kearny and Morristown has been known to provide exceptional services with experienced physicians and team of medical staff.

The salient facilities that an urgent care center must have are as follows:

  • They should and must admit walk-in patients during business hours
  • Treat a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries,
  • Well equipped and trained to conduct minor medical procedures or surgeries
  • They should have licensed physician operating as the medical director
  • Urgent care centers have to be open on all the 7 days in a week
  • The centers must have on-site diagnostic equipment, including phlebotomy and x-ray
  • Have facility for multiple examination rooms
  • These centers should adhere to all ethical and business standards

Urgent Care Astra Health Center

Urgent Care Center was started way back in 1970’s by emergency medicine physicians with demand from public for such health facilities. With advancement in health care industry this concept gained large scale acceptance and now has become a compulsory features in medical aid and support.

If residing in Morristown or Kearny then visit Astra Heath Center in case of a minor injury or illness in the family. They have excellent team of doctors and medical facilities offering prompt medical aid.


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