Dot Drug and Physical Test for Heavy Vehicle Drivers

In our current society drug testing has become a very common practice and there are a number of reasons for this increase. Employees may try to get away from reasonable suspicion of testing. Everyday truck drivers provide important public services and are responsible for transporting virtually everything in every home including the construction materials that build the home itself. Each truck driver must carry a CDL (commercial driver’s license) issued by his/her state of residence. In order to qualify for CDL the driver must pass both written and driving tests. At reasonable prices more complicate confirmatory testing is readily available at any number of labs. A physician who keep an eye on patient for pain management may order drug testing to look for illicit drugs and even see if the patient is taking the prescribed medication or not. Dot Physical In Newark test all abnormalities found in blood, glucose level, proteins, white cells, red cells and nitrates in every commercial truck drivers.

Dot Physical NewarkIf you want to suspend your CDL for temporarily then get test yourself in Astra Health Center, offer experienced physicians and staffs for dot physical test. Our health center is certified to supervise this physical exam hence you can trust us and can receive a DOT drug test. The department of transportation found dangerous addictive substance in the blood of Newark drivers therefore they declared to have Dot Physical Belleville to provide safe environment.


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