Flu Shot-Should Be Taken or Not?

The flu is caused due to influenza virus which can be classified into three-A, B and C.A and B viruses are responsible for severe respiratory illness while the latter has a minute effect on the respiratory tract. Flu season begins with the onset of winters but in different regions it occurs in different seasonal patterns. There are some peculiar symptoms of catching flu. Severe headaches, fever, muscle aches, chills, tiredness, cough and runny nose can be looked up as severe symptoms of getting flu. As it is epidemic in nature so one can get flu through people sneezing in the surroundings and not washing hands on public taps and toilets. According to the census the union city in New Jersey is the most densely populated area so the chances of flu getting epidemic is high. People in New Jersey because of this reason always looked up for early treatments to avoid flu getting severe.

Flu shots are basically vaccines but also it can be taken in the form of nasal sprays thus called a flu spray vaccine. These can easily lessen the severity and consequences of the flu. Avian and pandemic flu’s are the other classification and the vaccines have been developed for the same. Flu shot at Newark NJ is taken from the nearest medical stores. There can be side effects of taking a flu shot but one need to study about the type since it has got mild to severe side effects. Apart from taking the shots one needs to stay home and stay clean in all possible ways.


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