Benefits of DOT Physical TEST

You could use a drug testing kit that will detect the presence of cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates and PCP in the urine if you are required to screen someone for drug use. DOT Physical in Jersey City kit is designed to detect all of these types of drugs using only a urine sample and have been proven to be effective when all of the steps are followed properly. Benefits of DOT Test Kits:
 Simple procedure without the requirement of blood drowning
 Accurate quick and results
 No waiting time to file a request at an area clinic
 Can be online purchased and delivered within days
 With a single sample can test for the presence of several types of drugs
Where DOT Test Kits Can Be Used:
 To monitor patients in Rehabilitation centers
 At home by parents who wants to check that their children are not using any drugs
 In an office environment where an employee may be suspected of taking drugs
 Sports coaches who want to make sure team members are adhering rules
 Educational institutions, where student or teacher may be using drugs
Astra-HC screen individuals that are suspected of using drugs at DOT physical, Jersey City and DOT physical Newark.


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