Now a day it is very important to have a drug test for those people who work in critical jobs, like transportation, aviation etc., is predominant. This test is generally conducted for alcohol users because some dangerous, addictive substances are found in their blood and it shows it reaction when he or she perform stressful and has diagnosed with any form of cardiovascular disease within the past 12 months. The drug test is mostly required for every truck driver. DOT or Department of Transportation conduct this Dot Physical In Belleville and gave a special license for every operating motor vehicles and who doesn’t carry this license with them are not able to carry other people.

Dot Drug Test
The Astra Health Center provides dot drug test to every citizen by their  experienced physicians at their health center. The staffs and doctors are  highly experienced and we are certified to conduct this test. Our experts say that this test should be done once or twice in a year, which will be a superb way to keep details report on your health status.  Department of Transportation declares to conduct this Dot Drug Test in Belleville where  your vision, hearing, blood pressure, respiration,heart health,digestion and more will be tested.


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