Need Of DOT Physical Exam In New Jersey – Who, Why, When and Where?

Being healthy is completely different from being physically fit, but still going for physical exam once or twice a year is a great idea. Like any other organization, Department of Transportation recommends this Dot Physical in Hoboken for people who want to obtain special driving license. Special license is needed by people for operating motor vehicles that carry other people. By carry people doesn’t mean dropping your kids to school or going to your office in a car people. This test is mandatory for drivers who carry above 16 passengers in a vehicle like mini-van or a bus. This test is also recommended for drivers that operate vehicle which is used to carry hazardous material or commercial weight.

Dot Physical in Hoboken

Astra Health Center has extended a hand for help to the Department of Transportation by conducting exam of Dot Physical in Union City. It is a primarily fast, easy and painless test where you come in listen to doctor’s instruction and come out of the room in no time. This exam includes eye testing, heart and lymph nodes, skin test and more. This test is included in medical insurance policy and is conducted at very nominal prices.


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