Dot Drug Test Jersey City & Newark

Random drug testing of employees is about more than amazement. With suitable randomizer tools, it administers a vital safety measure with fairness.

Astra Health centre provides DOT Drug Test in Jersey City to the workers and employees in safety-sensitive method. Our work assignments have been conducted in public and private workplaces since the 1980s. It is a practice that conveys the message to all employees and the public on notice that alcohol and illegal drug use in the workplace is not acceptable.

DOT Drug Test

Astra, a DOT Drug Test Newark, can assist employees or operators for land, sea, or air vehicles, the value of a good drug testing program can’t be underrated. Our testing method requires all the documents properly and also spotting people who are aiming to deceive the tests outcome. So, that our company is also able to supply you proper effectively drug and alcohol testing.

Companies which need help with enforcing a drug and alcohol testing policy can retain the services of Astra health center. We are certified provider of drug testing solutions and we have the necessary experience and expertise and they will put at their disposal comprehensive and 100% reliable drug testing services at affordable prices.


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